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    The foundation of all organs energy



    Yuan Qi is ancestral qi like genetic material that has been transformed into Qi, or Jing in motion. Yuan Qi has its root in the Kidneys and spread throughout the body by the San Jiao (Triple warmer). It is the foundation of all the Yin and Yang energies of the body. Our explanation is based on Yin Yang principle.


    IYY Yuan Qi

    It is a 100% Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs, safe, and effective. One of the internal medicine prepared @ Iwosan Yin Yang clinic; our company emphasizes on human organs treatment with the use of Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs, combining the ancient knowledge of Yin Yang principle. Most of the combined herbs have being in use for more than a century by few skilled traditional medicine practitioners in Nigeria.

    Through developmental research at our clinic, we have added few herbs to it; therefore, the medication has proven to be a time tested herbs with established result for over a decade of usage and it is one of our basic organ`s treatment medication.

    It functions are explained in the subsequent subheading, however, NAFDAC has not verified or approved our claim.

    It is available in tablet form. Recommended dosage depends on patient's disease degree condition.



    Fatigue and weakness

    Waist and back pain

    Loose stools

    Gradual weakness of the 5 visceral organs

    Trouble concentrating and remembering details

    Lose of interest in things once pleasurable

    Breathing problem, Insomnia or sleeping too much

    Feeling sad

    Poor appetite




    It provides the dynamic force that motivates the functional activity of the internal organs, thus; makes it the foundation of vitality.

    It facilitates the transformation of Qi. Yuan Qi is the spark of change it promotes the functional activities of all internal organs.

    It is the basis of Kidney Qi, and dwells between the two Kidneys, at the Gate of Vitality.



    100% Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs.


    Important information

    It is imperative to combine the use of IYY Yuan Qi medication with other medications in order to enhance the functions of other organs and achieve energy balance.

    All things being equal; all the organs in the body must be warm to achieve a stable energy flow all through the body; thus, makes the body healthy.


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