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    Removes excessive dampness…



    Spleen yang is similar in function to spleen qi, the spleen is a functional organ and plays the role of transforming and transporting pure food essence absorbed from the stomach to the upper burner. The ability of transforming and transporting the pure food essence to the upper burner requires the active presence of qi. The nature of qi is warm energy; the spleen needs to be warm to perform this task effectively.

    Usually, the spleen produces dampness and phlegm as a result of too much consumption of oily food; which will make qi to stagnate. The impaired qi is called spleen qi; which helps the upward movement of food essence. However, too much worrying and thinking can make spleen to stagnate or knotted; this will have a negative effect on digestion and appetite.

    Therefore spleen yang will eliminate dampness at the spleen and enhance normal food essence assumption to the upper burner. Our explanation is based on Yin Yang principle.


    IYY Spleen Yang

    It is a 100% Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs, safe, and effective. One of the internal medicine prepared @ Iwosan Yin Yang clinic; our company emphasizes on human organs treatment with the use of Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs, combining the ancient knowledge of Yin Yang principle. Most of the combined herbs have being in use for more than a century by few skilled traditional medicine practitioners in Nigeria.

    Through developmental research at our clinic and integrated medicine mindset, we have used the Yin Yang Theory Knowledge to create this product that suits the functions of this medicine name; this medicine has proven to be a time tested herbal combination with established result for over a decade of usage and it is one of our basic organ`s treatment medication.

    It functions are explained in the subsequent subheading, however, NAFDAC has not verified or approved our claim.

    It is available in tablet form. Recommended dosage depends on patient's disease degree condition.





    Lack of appetite

    Abdominal distention after eating


    Bright white or shallow complexion

    Chilling or cold limbs

    Weakness of the four limbs

    Loose stools

    Edema (impaired spleen function of transforming and transporting fluid)

    Pale, wet and swollen tongue

    Weak, slow and deep pulse



    Removes obstructions from the channel, tonifies yin.

    Promotes function of Liver and smooth flow of Liver Qi, tonifies Kidneys, nourishes blood and yin, benefits urination, regulates uterus and menstruation, and moves and eliminates stasis.

    Clears the head and disinhibits Qi, promotes free flow through the waterway.

    Warms the center and dissipates cold, rectifies Qi and down bearing counter flow.

    Diffuses and down bearings Lung Qi, suppresses cough and stabilizes dyspnea.


    100% Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs.


     Important information

    It is imperative to combine the use of IYY Spleen Yang medication with other medications in order to enhance the functions of other organs and achieve energy balance.

    All things being equal; all the organs in the body must be warm to achieve a stable energy flow around the body; thus, makes the body healthy.


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