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    Enhances smooth flow of blood, qi and body fluid



    The health of the liver reflects the overall health and wellbeing of every person. Since the liver assist in the smooth flow of qi, blood, body fluid, emotion and other substances throughout the entire body. Liver qi stagnation will obstruct the normal function of the liver which can result into qi stagnation in the stomach and other parts of the body. This is Yin Yang principle brief explanation.



    It is a 100% Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs, safe, and effective. One of the internal medicine prepared @ Iwosan Yin Yang clinic; our company emphasizes on human organs treatment with the use of Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs, combining the ancient knowledge of Yin Yang principle. Some of the herbs combined in this medication have being in use for more than a century by few skilled traditional medicine practitioners in Nigeria.

    Through developmental research at our clinic and integrated medicine mindset; Yin Yang Principle application has helped us to create a better product that suits the functions of this medicine name; this medicine has proven to be a time tested herbal combination with established result for over a decade of usage and it is one of our basic organ`s treatment medication.

    It functions are explained in the subsequent subheading, however, NAFDAC has not verified or approved our claim.

    It is available in both capsules and tablet form. Recommended dosage depends on patient's disease degree condition.



    Teeth marks around the tongue sides

    Pain or discomfort anywhere along the sides of the body


    Mood swings




    Inappropriate anger

    Sensation of a lump in throat

    Difficulty swallowing

    Bitter taste in mouth


    Abdominal pain and discomfort

    Stomachache that improves after massage

    Stomachache that worsens with anger

    PMS with irritability or swollen breasts

    Irregular or painful periods

    Poor appetite

    Churning sensation in stomach




    Enhances smooth blood and qi circulation; thus, stops poor vision, spasms and cramps in the tendons and muscles. In addition, regulate the smooth flow of menstrual period and reduce genital and lower abdominal pains.

    It has a strong influence on both male and female reproductive organs.

    It assists in the process of food digestion, transformation and transportation. In addition, ease body waste remover.

    Regulates menses, resolves damp-heat, promotes smooth flow of Liver Qi, and restores consciousness

    Subdues interior wind.

    Removes obstructions from channels, promotes smooth flow of Liver Qi, and stops pain.



    100% Africa-Nigeria indigenous herbs.                                                                                                                


    Important information

    It is imperative to combine the use of IYY Liver Qi Stagnation medication with other medications in order to enhance the functions of other organs and achieve energy balance.

    All things being equal; all the organs in the body must be warm to achieve a stable energy flow all through the body; thus, makes the body healthy.

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