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  Our Health Approach

We provide healthcare and internal medicine services with focus on INTEGRATED TRADITIONAL MEDICINE approach. We operate full healthcare services that meet the need of adult men and women, youth, children, and the elderly.

Science is the foundation of orthodox medicine and it is predicated upon the knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. While nature is better explained according to its inherent energy forms and to understand nature’s energy forms, you need to understand Yin Yang Principle. At our clinic, the physiology of human body organs functions in relation with their respective energy forms is paramount to knowing patient’s internal state of health. The five element theory in relationship with nature and human organs are few of much knowledge that guides our herbal medicine preparation as cure to diseases. Basically, we use traditional Yin Yang diagnostic methods;

Pulse diagnosis

Tongue diagnosis

Eye diagnosis

Face diagnosis

Blood pressure reading

And use of the conventional blood pressure reading equipments and pulse oximeter

In addition, we suggest the use of high-tech machine like CAT scan, MRI machine and other advanced medical equipment for scientific record purpose, and evaluation before and after treatment.

We believe that the names given to diseases are for identification and differentiation purpose. We see the whole human body as an entity, which is connected together, if a part suffers, it affects the entire body system. Therefore, we diagnose the entire body system and our treatment is based on the use of Africa indigenous herbs in conformity with Yin Yang principle approach.

We focus mainly on human organs treatment; we believe that diseases are emanated from one, two or more human organs energy disorders, which created an ill-health condition in the blood called disease. However, diseases could be manifested as a condition of excess cold or heat, certainly, it must have a link to one, two or more organs in the body. Therefore, we treat and cure all kinds of diseases by identifying and replacing the missing energies in the human body with the energy in herbs, animal parts and minerals, in which the body harmonizes the energy for general body wellness.

For acute disease patients, we have developed IYY Acu-Heat removal fluid for patients with heat or extreme heat conditions (hyperactive body condition), While IYY Acu-points stimulant fluid and IYY Acupuncture powder for patients with cold or extreme cold condition(very weak body conditions).
However, we do not treat acute conditions like motor accident or any form of accident with outflow of blood from prospective patients. In such cases, we refer or recommend to our partner orthodox hospital for the patient's treatment. There is a limitation for our acute condition treatments.

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