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  Introducing Iwosan Herbal Clinic

Iwosan Yin Yang is a traditional herbal clinic that practice integrated traditional medicine service; a fusion of Traditional Africa Medicine knowledge, Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge and Western Medicine knowledge to promote the natural healing potency of Africa herbal medicine. We provide natural healing, in the whole body through the use of Africa indigenous herbs, minerals and animal parts. We emphasize on human organs treatment and we welcome the combination of medical knowledge when needed and western medical equipment for health result evaluation.

The founder Doctor Adetunji Tiamiyu is acclaimed well experienced physician in Integrated Traditional Medicine practice. He has integrated Nigeria Traditional herbal medicine knowledge with Traditional Chinese medicine principles and basic orthodox medical equipment for health self-evaluation purpose. Successfully, he had treated chronic cases of diseases aroused from organs weakness and collapse. The natural science of nature is understood through Yin Yang principle. He believes that all natural phenomenons have different respective energy in them. The sun has a heat energy, the moon has a cold energy, the day has a warm or heat energy while the night has a cold energy. The season of the year has their respective energy and so do plants, animals, mountains, rivers etc. Micro-organisms like virus, bacterial, parasites, fungi, and so on, have their respective energy. All organs in the human body are constantly warm; therefore if there is imbalance of the warm energy in any of the body’s organs; thus will result to disease conditions. Increase or decrease in the level of energy at different body’s organs can be caused by different factors. However, if there is increase of energy in any of the body’s organ other than the normal; treatment method is to reduce and restore to normalcy and if there is decrease of energy in any of the body’s organs other than the normal; treatment method is to augment or tonify and restore to normalcy. During the process of restoration of the body’s normal energy impure substances shall be expelled out of the body mainly through the two lower orifice and other openings in the body.

Every disease names is rooted to one organ or another including; blood, body fluid, qi and jing. Generally, disease names are names given to different organs disorder in the body in view to identify and differentiate them from one another, also, to know the extent of likely damages they could cause. However, if diseases are diagnosed from the view point of the organs energy identification (Pulse diagnosis) and other traditional Yin Yang diagnostic methods, certainly, every disease has hundred percent (100%) cure in nature.

We provide energy healthcare service that treats the root cause of all diseases affecting organs' energy balance and successfully experience natural changes that provides healing

Be the first choice healthcare center for natural organ's energy treatment globally.

We believe in Yin Yang principle for diagnosis and herbal preparation.
We value: integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance, and discipline

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